The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Greater Cook County Area provides an array of programs, services, and special projects for children.  Some of these programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Project Learn – This integrated after-school and summer technology learning enhancement experience consists of Homework Help and Tutoring as well as High-Yield Learning and Leisure Activities using traditional teaching and learning methodology. Volunteers are needed for tutoring and helping members with homework
  • Character Counts – This program helps members to build character and values in six key areas: trustworthiness, respect for others, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. Adult volunteers are needed to mentor members and provide a good role model for right and wrong.
  • Keystone Clubs – It is extremely important that we teach our members and especially our teens the importance of community service and caring for others this program stresses these values. Volunteers are needed to attend meetings and work with teen members in regard to Keystone Club activities.
  • Mentoring Program – The purpose of the mentoring program is to have successful adults serve as positive role models for our youth members in a one on one setting. Our youth members need to know that they have adults that care about them. We ask that an adult mentor spend at least one hour a week for a minimum of 13 weeks meeting with the youth at the Club. Time can be spent talking, doing homework, playing games or participating in other Club programs.
  • SMART Leaders – This program helps drive positive outcomes for youth in healthy lifestyles by helping them develop personal and social competencies for facilitating activities that will help their peers resist alcohol, tobacco, other drug use and premature sexual activity.
  • BE GREAT Graduate This program helps drive positive outcomes for youth in academic success by allowing Clubs to identify youth who show warning signs of withdrawal from school, and pairing them with adult mentors. The goal is to build members’ confidence that they can indeed succeed academically. Mentors consistently monitor warning signs of withdrawal from school and work to develop timely interventions that focus on addressing obstacles and celebrating successes.